Exposition du au

À la Galerie Géraldine Zberro

25 rue Jean Mermoz, Paris, 75008



Vernissage samedi 2 Avril 2022

From the first marginalized alerts of environmentalists a few years ago, to the latest dramatic report of the IPCC released in August 2021, the world has slowly opened its eyes to the tragic consequences of man’s hand on the environment, giving everyone the will to act at their own scale.

Galerie Zberro brings together three emerging contemporary artists for whom Nature is the one and only muse. Within their own pictorial universe full of colors and hope, these three artists dream of a past and future harmony, painting suspended and optimistic universes, saving in these troubled times.

Inspired by new ecological initiatives and her childhood in Provence, Annabel Faustin paints surreal scenes in which human and nature merge in total harmony, one carrying the other to better protect it.

The abstract paintings of artist One Kean take us on a mystical journey between land and sea, space and light, elevating the sunset to a sacred moment.

Finally, like the Orientalist painters who dreamed of exotic unexplored lands, Tim Blandin’s paintings take us to a fantastical California, looking at mysterious villas nestled in the trees.

The works of these three artists dialogue with each other, harmonize and thus transmit to the spectators a moment of appeasement and meditation as if suspended in time.