Young Lee

Tell us about the work that you have submitted.
Artist’s Studio depicts the agony, anxiety, and pressure that I and all other artists experience as an intrinsic part of our respective artistic journeys. The multiple characters in the painting represent me in my more vulnerable moments. Last year, I was going through a difficult time as a young artist, and I wanted to express what I was experiencing in the most authentic way, while presenting it in a way that was, aesthetically, whimsical and bright.

How would you describe your studio practice?
Imagination plays a crucial role in my studio work and my overall creativity. I like to let the childlike self inside me be free to play around with images and ideas drawn from my imagination. Everything starts to exude their own shades and different nuances, and inanimate objects begin to come to life. These are often depicted as metaphorical devices in my paintings.

What about figurative work do you find particularly interesting?
For me, painting is the best tool for communication and expression. The narrative, whether it is metaphorical or direct, is important in my work, and I think figurative art suits me more when creating a narrative that I want to convey. I feel that figurative work provides a broader opportunity for me to communicate with others.

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