Wei Xing

Wei Xing‘s work has been featured in solo exhibitions, such as Never Grow Up, Goude gallery, Beijing (2021); Silly Love, Rolling Cloud, Shenyang (2020) and Shine, WEI Space, Shenyang, China (2014)

His group exhibitions include Unidentified, 798 International Art Exchange Center, Beijing (2019); Spring hi21 Art Exhibition, Beijing (2019); ONE, One Space, Shenyang (2018); A Day Without a Name, 1905, Shenyang (2017); Australian Contemporary Art Foundation Resident Project, Shanghai (2016); East Meets West, Jiu Li Museum, Shenyang (2016) and Date, Jiu Li Museum, Shenyang (2015) among others.

He received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2011 from Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts, China.

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