Selby Hi

Selby Hurst Inglefield (b.1997) is from the seaside town, Brighton. In 2015, she moved to London to start her Foundation Diploma in Fine Art at Central St Martins, University of the Arts London. After finishing her foundation, Selby continued to study BA Fine Art at Central St Martins from 2016-2019. After being awarded their Graduate Show Prize, she has shown twice with The Other Art Fair in 2019. In 2020, Selby had her first solo show with Peak Gallery and recently has been requested to show two pieces in Soho House, Shoreditch and Brighton.

Selby uses the technique of rug punching to create her textile works. This medium allows her to create a physical sense of comfort through the soft textures and the relaxing time consuming nature of the process. Rug punching also allows Selby to reflect on her practice’s wider themes of the domestic space, home and the mundane.

There is a deep sense of sentimentality embedded throughout Selby’s practice, her mum is also a textiles artist and memories of her upbringing, and her home of Brighton, create feelings of nostalgia within each piece. Brighton often forms the settings of her portraits, featuring landscapes inspired by the body of the sea and recognisable white cliffs of the coast.

Selby’s practice is also full of stories, the artworks often starting from writing based on her own life and past. She then uses the pieces as a way of intimately reflecting on these experiences, resulting in the contrast of dream-like imagery alongside the use of self portraiture. Although these stories are important to the beginnings of an artwork, she likes that they stay simply part of the process, only showing the viewer snippets of the stories in the titles of her works.

Recently, the domestic space has become even more prominent in Selby’s practice due to the lockdowns. This period, enforced inside, gave her time to consider at length the interplay between objects and art and the joyful fantasies which can come from the mundane home. This thought around how objects can transform a home’s atmosphere resulted in her creating her series of cat chairs.

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