Austyn Taylor

Austyn Taylor, b.1984, Rochester, NY, USA
Ceramics MFA Alfred University 2016

Born in New York, Austyn Taylor has a nomadic studio practice traveling the residency circuit. She has lectured on sculpture theory and art history at UCLA, CCA, SFAI, MSU, CCAFA and Alfred University. Currently based in Mendocino, CA, USA where she is a resident at the Mendocino Art Center.

Austyn Taylor hails from Rochester, NY. A nomadic sculptor who creates life-affirming works of alienation through the lens of sacred American cartoon tropes. Showing internationally as well as Miami Art Basel and SOFA in Chicago. An Alfred MFA in 2016 has been the catalyst for traveling the world and dozens of residencies; Guldagergaard, Denmark, CAFA, China, NCC Minneapolis, Sonoma Ceramics, CA, MSU Texas, VARDA Sausalito, CA etc. As a teaching artist she believes there is nothing more brutally honest than working with clay, its natural authentic expression of touch is so influenced by our inner dialogs there is revealed our life’s novel in each piece.

Austyn Taylor’s panpsychist humorist narrative has led to the creation of a world of repeated characters: bear, bull, horse, deer, lion, duck, predator, prey etc. Each piece is a declaration, a statement; the works exist as an optimistic reframe from the rampant psychological banalities of human narrative.

Taylor draws from ancient and contemporary sources to create works of “folk-pop”. Somewhere between “hype” and “hope” the history of their creation is reflected in the material handling. The work provokes a curious humor that comes with resonation to the absurd and alienating experience of existing.


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