Kostas Papakostas is a Greek multidisciplinary artist based in London, predominantly working with painting and video.

His video work is observational, looking outwards to the world. It aims to transforms the mundane to contemplative and examine nature and the human condition.

His paintings on the other hand look inwards and have a constant flow and movement. They are a result of a visceral and physical process, which comes from a place where thought, judgment and expectations do not matter.

Kostas’ work has been exhibited internationally and can be found in private and corporate collections.

In addition to his artistic practice, Kostas is an award-winning Art Director. He has developed and art directed global campaigns for Sony PlayStation, Apple, MTV and Christian Dior amongst others.

 » I am interested in movement, flow and impermanence and I find beauty and meaning in the constant state of flex.

I don’t plan my paintings in advance. I arrive at my studio and allow time and space for my awareness and my emotions to gently emerge. Then I get to work.

I position the surface on the floor, so that I can move around it freely and paint from all sides. This allows me an intimacy with each piece. » – Kostas



Kostas Papakostas est un artiste grec multidisciplinaire basé à Londres, qui travaille principalement avec la peinture et la vidéo. Il vise à transformer le banal en contemplation et à examiner la nature et la condition humaine. Ses peintures, quant à elles, regardent vers l’intérieur et ont un flux et un mouvement constants. Elles sont le résultat d’un processus viscéral et physique, qui vient d’un endroit où la pensée, le jugement et les attentes n’ont pas d’importance.Le travail de Kostas a été exposé internationalement et se trouve dans des collections privées et d’entreprises.En plus de sa pratique artistique, Kostas est un directeur artistique primé. Il a développé et dirigé des campagnes mondiales pour Sony PlayStation, Apple, MTV et Christian Dior, entre autres.



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